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Acne Therapy Offer


Acne, blackheads, oily skin? 

Get rid of skin imperfections! 


ACNE HACKER THERAPY is a specially designed dermo-cosmetic therapy regulating the microbiome of acne-prone skin which eliminates the main cause of acne lesions. 

It is a chemical peel treatment that removes the top layer of the skin revealing a smoother, brighter and healthy-looking skin!


- Recommended for acne-prone, oily and contaminated skin.


Benefits of the treatment:

X deep cleansing 

X sebum regulation 

X smoother texture and tone

X hyperpigmentation reduced

X scars and dark spots lightened 

X prevention of future breakouts


Try effective acne peel now!


Single Treatment: £75

A Course of 3 Treatments: £200 (Regular Price: £225)

hyaluronic facial dream.jpg


See and feel skin that is softer, smoother and more supple than ever before!

Our HYALURONIC FACIAL DREAM transforms hyaluronic acid to the deep layers of the skin so that you can achieve a younger-looking skin naturally.

It binds water for a long time and gives the effect of deep moisturizing, regenerating and repairing the skin.



guarantees long-term hydration

prevents transepidermal water loss

smoothest and plumps out fine lines

provides a wrinkle-filling effect

increases skin density

gives you a velvety smooth skin



mature skin

fine lines and wrinkles

dry skin

saggy skin and skin lacking density


Book your Hyaluronic Facial treatment at a SPECIAL PRICE

Only £68 for a single treatment (regular price: £80)